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 Fuse Group Of Isolation Switch Ev2LR1
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Ev2LR1 Series fuse group of isolation switch ( hereinafter short for switch) is multi-pole and
manualoperation switch, whose housing is made of glass fi ber reinforced unsaturation polyester,
it has merits of high dielectric property, guard capacity and reliable operation.
The operation mechanism, it is accelerate mechanism of spring energy storage, in
stantaneousrelease, it is also a mechanism that is instantaneous making and breaking multibreakpoint
 It is no related with the speed of operation handle, thus, it extremely improves each electric
performance and mechanical performance.
 Fuse group of isolation switch can makes sure making and br eaking cir cuit with load, and it
hasreliable over current or short-circuit breaking protection.
Obviously saw the breaking state.With strong hot and humidity proofi ng.
Because the switch owns the merits of graceful appearance, novel, simple, small volume
andcomplete function, it is best selection among the same products .

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