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 Soft Starter Ev12 Series
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Ev12 series soft starter can work with three-phase, AC squirrel cage induction asynchronous
motor,the voltage is 320V~460V, 50Hz/60Hz and the current is 1200A and below. The soft starter
is a device type. It’s necessary to add breakers (short-circuit protection) and AC contactor (Bypass)
inside the cabinet. Together with switches are made up of electric motor control circuit.
Ev12 device type can work without three-phase AC motor in the process of starting too big
acceleration torque, and power supply system plays a protection from excessive current harvest
dynamic impact role, and has the following characteristics:
1. 16 SCM control, intelligent all-digital display.
2. Can be put into practice a soft starter control multiple motors.
3. Starting modes: Current limiting starter, Voltage ramp start, Kick start +current-limiting start, kick
start+voltage ramp start. Current ramp start. Voltage current-limiting double closed-loop start.
4. Free stop and soft stop, The stop time from 0 to 60 seconds can be arbitrary choosed.
5. Over current, overload, open phase, instantaneous stop and other fault protection. with the flow,
lack phase, instantaneous stop, and other malfunction protection.
6. Easy installation, simple operation, strong function and reasonable price.

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