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  RHENES New products: RCCB Type B  

RHENES New products: RCCB Type B


Recently RHENES Company developed a new product in our RCCB products range: RCCB B type. In order to meet the various demands of RCCB products, Our Ev31-63 Series RCCB B type has a complete function, which include the all the residual current characteristics of RCCB( A type, AC type, S type, G type).

Technical data

Model: electro-magnetic type
Residual current characteristics A,AC, G, S, B
Pole No.: 2, 4
Rated making and breaking capacity 10lnA
Rated current(A) 25, 40, 63
Rated voltage AC 240/415
Rated frequency 50/60Hz
Rated residual operating current ln(A) 0.03, 0.1, 0.3
Rated residual non operating current lno(A) 0.5ln
Rated conditional short-circuit current 10KA
Rated conditional residual short-circuit current lc 10KA
Residual tripping current range 0.5ln ln
Terminal Connection Height 19mm
Electro-mechanical endurance 4000 cycles
Connection capacity Rigid conductor 25mm2
Connection terminal Screw terminal
Pillar terminal with clamp
Fastening torque 2.0Nm
Installation On symmetrical din rail 35.5mm
Panel mounting
Protection class IP20

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