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  RHENES New products: Intelligent MCCB with Remote Control and LCD Display  

RHENES New products: Intelligent MCCB Ev21N Series


In order to meet our customer's various requirements, our RHENES developed a new model MCCB- Intelligent MCCB. This product is a new type of circuit breaker which can remote control with LCD display. It is compact, modularized, with high breaking capacity, zero-arc, completely environment friendly. Our Ev21N Series circuit breaker mainly applies to distribution systems with 50/60Hz, rated voltage up to 690V, rated current 12.5-1600A, its purpose lays in power distributing& protecting system against malfunctions such as overload, short-circuit, undervoltage etc. It can also work as an infrequent ON/OFF switch under systems working in normal condition.

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